Our Pastor

Our Pastor
Jacques Jacobs

In 1995, Jacques and Tina both attended a dinner on the 95th floor of the Hancock building downtown Chicago. Jacques and Tina immediately knew they both loved the ministry with equal intensity and had many common dreams and aspirations, to see the hopeless find hope in Christ.

In 2000, Jacques moved to Chicago, where both he and Tina ministered to teenagers, hosted outreaches and mission trips together.

For a few years, their relationship remained contentious and strained, thinking that they would never be able to get along. Jacques applied for a Green Card, but in the mean time his international drivers license expired, and so was forced to rely on Tina to drive him to work in the mornings as she actually lived across the street from him. God performed miracles.

Today they are best friends, having been married for a decade with two children, Robert Maximus and Gia Bella. Jacques and Tina have a passion to share God’s love, truth, power and presence and see the lost saved, the hurting healed and the bound set free.

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